Jessica Bridger's consultancy conducts expert research, strategy and planning for institutional and corporate partners, related to urbanization, innovation and the built environment. She has a special focus on corporate-institutional partnerships and strategic communications, along with translating the complexities of urbanism, architecture and culture into understandable terms.  Interdisciplinary by nature and training, her consultancy is  informed by an agile understanding of disciplines, businesses and functions - essential in today's world.

Bespoke research reports and analysis are produced with an assured level of expertise and breadth of knowledge about the built environment and relevant stakeholders. A depth of experience and a reputation for cutting-edge reporting, research and writing about topics related to urbanism, innovation and culture allow the creation of sophisticated customized content for clients.

International connections and networks ensure a global reach and perspective to lead and build project teams. Strategic work includes media planning, positioning and execution through publications, presentations and reports. 

Client and Institutional Affiliation List: 

ETH Zurich, Zurich

ie Business School, Madrid

Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, Cambridge

Monocle Magazine, London

Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam

Schindler Group, Switzerland

Technisches Universität Berlin, Fakultät VI Planen Bauen Umwelt, Berlin

Technisches Universität München, Institute for Advanced Studies, Munich

UN-Habitat, Hub on Informal Urbanism

United Nations, Habitat III Secretariat, Global

Winkreative, London