a selection of current and recent projects...

The New Urban Agenda

The New Urban Agenda was adopted at Habitat III, the United Nations Conference on Housing and Urban Development. It is action-oriented document intended to set global standards of achievement in sustainable urban development, rethinking the way we build, manage, and live in cities through drawing together cooperation with committed partners, relevant stakeholders, and urban actors at all levels of government as well as the private sector. As a media consultant to the Habitat III Secretariat, work will continue in 2017 to communicate about the New Urban Agenda and its implementation. A summary document written in 2016, The New Urban Agenda Explainer, is available online and constitutes the groundwork for continued communication about the New Urban Agenda.


Every 20 years the United Nations gathers to discuss human settlement, and to set priorities and implementation guidelines for the coming decades. As a consultant to the United Nations Secretariat for Habitat III, work included strategic planning, writing, high level meetings and interviews for print and video, along with work in support of the Habitat III Media Team. Work will be ongoing into 2017.

Global Schindler Award 2015

The Global Schindler Award is a new urban design competition for students of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning. With a competition site in Shenzhen, China and a focus on mobility, the competition presents students with the challenge of competing internationally to generate new ideas about the future of sustainable and accessible urban areas. This project is a collaboration between the ETH Zurich/Chair of Urban Design/Prof. Kees Christiaanse and Schindler Group. As a member of the Management Committee for the 2015 GSA, consulting services comprised content creation, strategy, network outreach and writing for the entire project, from competition development to the concluding publication. 

The Urbanist - Radio (ongoing since 2012)

Monocle 24 Radio, the 24/7 radio station by Monocle Magazine, produces one of the most comprehensive looks at urbanism: The Urbanist. This weekly show is hosted by Andrew Tuck and produced by David Michon (2012-2015) and Carlota Rebello (2015-current), and it tackles topics from the role of mayors to privacy and taxi cabs in cities. Since 2012, frequent contributions in the form of interviews have featured noted architects, urbanists, authors, politicians and more, including monologues. An enduring collaboration.


Schindler global award 2017

 Schindler Global Award is an urban design competition for students of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning. The SGA is led by Schindler Group, again in collaboration with academic partner ETH Zurich. As a member of the management committee for the first award in 2015 and the second in 2017, continuing work comprises content creation, project development, strategy and network outreach, along with writing and editing for the entire project.  

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Metropolis Nonformal Book (Spring 2016)

Three billion people will be living in slum-like conditions by the year 2050. This astounding number of people will live outside of formal legal, political and economic conditions - and often in dwellings and settlements that do not provide basic services, such as sewage or protections like land tenure. This book, by Jessica Bridger and Christian Werthmann, titled "Metropolis Nonformal" is based on symposia held in 2011 and 2013. The book includes the ideas of leading practitioners and experts from a diverse range of fields about the current challenges of nonformal settlement across the globe. Metropolis Nonformal will be published by Applied Research and Design, an imprint of ORO Publishers, distributed worldwide in early 2016. This is the first publication related to UN-Habitat's new Hub for Informal Settlements.  Consulting services include project and editorial management, conceptual development, and writing.


Research in Architecture Book (2013)

This book presents a selection of research projects undertaken at the TU Berlin Faculty of Architecture. Research has become an important part of architecture, from the investigation into new materials to the creation of new urban paradigms. Along with Prof. Jörg Stollmann, under Prof. Johannes Cramer, a strategy was developed to streamline complex and disparate faculty-led research projects into a single publication, enabling comparison and easy comprehension of objectives, methods and outcomes. Graphic designer Ana Halina Ringlieb gave the book a clear and modern identity. Consulting and editing services include concept, editorial structure, editing and communications.

Contributing Editor: Monocle

Monocle Magazine is a global briefing on affairs, business, culture, design an much more. A long term relationship with the magazine, and sister radio station Monocle 24 has led to articles and radio programs on everything from sausages to semiconductors.


Landscape Architecture Europe Book (2015)

Europe is one of the largest markets for landscape architecture in the world, and a diverse community of practitioners and theorists work on projects at all scales. From regional and landscape planning to gardens, parks and temporary installations, Europe sets a global example for Landscape Architecture. The Landscape Architecture Europe Foundation produces a triennial book to provide an overview of the most outstanding European projects, selected by a jury of leading practitioners and thinkers. The fourth edition On the Move is published by Blaudruck, and released in May 2015. Editorial services included participation in the management of jury weekends and the development of the editorial concept, along with editing and writing for the publication.