Jessica Bridger is an urbanist, consultant and journalist. Her consultancy is focused on projects related to urban development, innovation and the built environment. She has been active in urbanism for over a decade. Her clients include the United Nations, Schindler Group and the ETH Zurich. Her journalistic work is published internationally in books, journals and magazines in addition to radio broadcasts. She is a contributing editor for Monocle Magazine.

As a consultant she works in multiple capacities, including the development of new ventures and services in diverse industries, concentrated on strategy, concepts and media. Bridger serves as a consultant to the United Nations Habitat III Secretariat and UN-Habitat, to support the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. Bridger is a member of the management committee for the Schindler Global Award, a student urban design competition with a focus on mobility. She has also helped FinTech startups clarify their missions, messaging and positioning; structured and conducted research for major manufacturing and real estate development companies; and at 24 she served as director of development and operations for a new high end restaurant in Boston.

Bridger works as a professional journalist, and her writing is published internationally in magazines and journals, including Monocle MagazineMetropolisVolume, Disegno, and Landscape Architecture Magazine, among others. She is a contributing editor for Monocle Magazine, and frequently works with Monocle24 radio. She serves as an advisory editor to various publications in the fields of architecture, urban design and planning.

She is the author, with Christian Werthmann, of Metropolis Nonformal (2016), and co-editor of The Global Schindler Award: Essays/Projects (editions 2015 & 2017), Landscape Architecture Europe (2015) and Research in Architecture (2012). She has edited over 40 issues of various magazines and journals.

She holds a MLArch from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and a BA from Sarah Lawrence College. Bridger was the 2011/2012 Bakema Fellow of the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI, now Het Nieuwe Instituut). 

She has served as a guest critic for design studios, workshops and seminars at Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Virginia, Hong Kong University, Bauhaus Dessau, TU Berlin and ETH Zurich. In addition, she was a studio instructor for a design studio at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and has lectured at various universities and institutions.